Bannière network

In 1996, 15 rights-based groups from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala came together to form a network under FEDINA which came to be called Network of Social Action Groups (NSAG).

Gradually more groups joined including groups from Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry and we now have 29 groups as part of the Network. The idea behind the network is to collectively build new social tissues, especially among marginalized communities.

Two representatives from each of the groups (of which at least one should be a woman) attend a collective meeting once every three months. At this meeting, experiences are shared, discussed and analysed. Based on learnings from these experiences, we decide on a course of action for the following months. The meeting is usually preceded by seminars on topics related to the ILO core labour standards and other socio-political issues.


The central team of Fedina accompanies each of these groups to ensure that the general focus of the network is in place.

Members of the central team visit these groups whenever needed to provide the required support and training.

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