Write-ups by FEDINA
  1. Protecting Cultural Diversity – Sebastian Devaraj
  2. Gathering civil society into a broad social movement in India – Sebastian Devaraj
  3. Decent work for informal sector workers in India – Duarte Barreto
  4. Where slap from wife works better than police thrashing - Shilpa Venkatraman
  5. Tribals’ struggle for land in Kerala – Tomy Jacob
  6. The unorganised sector in India – Tomy Jacob
  7. Labour Laws In India - Shivraj (Advocate)
  8. Fedina’s domestic violence prevention squad comes to rescue of battered women - Shilpa Venkatraman
Articles from the media
  1. Barber cuts dalit’s nose in India – The Times of India
  2. Dalits punished for entering temple – NDTV

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